The current edition of the Hawks is actually an extension of the Conroe Hawks which began twenty plus years ago.  As the original Conroe Hawks team was on the brink of dissolution the current edition arose, changed the name to simply the Hawks, changed the team colors to black, red and gray, changed the recruiting demographics to include the entire Houston area, changed the affiliation to independent travel team and quickly established themselves as a respected competitor in tournaments throughout the State of Texas.  The manager of that initial revised Hawks team is still the manager of today's team.  There has been zero turnover at the manager position.


The era of competitive teams was just beginning to dawn in Texas.  The Hawks found themselves in a very advantageous position as players were abandoning the less challenging style of softball and were seeking   opportunities to exhibit their skills with more competitive teams hoping against hope to attract the eye of college coaches.  The phrase "select teams" was born and the Hawks became the first "select team” in Texas to align with an established league, the Spring Klein Girl's Softball League.  That relationship remains today, uninterrupted.  It is the longest standing relationship of its kind in the State of Texas.  Again, the mark of stability.


An organization of independent teams calling themselves the Houston Independent Teams was formed and the Hawks became one of the first 10 teams to align with this group comprised of the top fastpitch softball teams in a broad area of Texas.  The current manager served two terms as president of the organization and the relationship remains in tact, again uninterrupted.


In an effort to maximize exposure for its players the Hawks entered one of the most prestigious fastpitch softball tournaments in America, the Colorado Fireworks.  The tournament has grown each year and now over 250 college coaches attend looking for talent worthy of scholarship consideration.  The Hawks continue to play in the tournament just as they have for the past 17 years, uninterrupted!  Several times they finished in the top 10 but in 1998 the Hawks finally broke through and became the first Texas team to win the 18 & under division in the 30 year history of the tournament.  In 1994 the Hawks finished second in the AFA national tournament losing 1-0 in extra innings to a young pitcher who would go on to become an Olympic pitcher and gold medal winner, one Christa Williams!  The Hawks finished third in 1996 and then began participating in the Gold division of the ASA where they remain today and are perennial qualifiers for the national ASA Gold tournament.


Amazingly, 101 girls, not including the current group, have come through the Hawk organization and gone on to accept scholarships at some of the leading colleges and universities in America.  From Georgia Tech to the University of Washington you will find former Hawk players.  The 101 number is incredible but even more startling is that 97 of the 101 started as freshmen!  Does that say something about being prepared for the next step and the quality of the Hawk program?  The record speaks for itself!


The Hawk organization is sound, stable and on solid ground.  It is recognized and respected on a national scale and has the reputation of providing disciplined well trained athletes to colleges and universities.  It will continue.